Best recipe for Pork Belly

nicandy, Dec 21, 10:29am
Hey there, always look on here, but first time posting...hope someone can help as have ordered 2kg of Pork Belly for Christmas but would love help with a scrummy way of cooking it as have never had it before!
Can anyone help??

tarn146, Dec 21, 6:51pm
type in 'pork belly' in the search box on the left.

carolyn20, Dec 21, 7:43pm
If you have a look at the Jamie website he has a Pork Belly Roast which I have made a few times - gorgeous, still have not tasted a better one cooked in a restaurant.Make sure the bone has been taken out however if you keep the bone you can pop it in during the cooking process as my butcher recommends for flavour.Sometimes we've put it under the grill for a few minutes at the final stage to finish the crackling off.

illusion_, Dec 21, 9:54pm
bone? in a pork belly?

porka1, Nov 28, 10:01pm
Yes , a few of the ribs need to be removed, .Usually done b4 you buy.