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bedazzledjewels, Jan 28, 5:30am
Hey Low carb / no carb people, this thread is for us! :)

yahootowers, Jan 28, 6:35am
Good Evening everyone can I ask what you guys have had to eat and drink today, breakfast lunch and dinner ?

davidt4, Jan 28, 6:37am
The saddest aspect is that the parent obviously thinks he or she is being a good and conscientious parent.

timturtle, Jan 28, 6:38am
I'm thinking of going low carb, but not sure what options are best for breakfast, what do others eat, Thanks

accroul, Jan 28, 6:42am
Yahoo, today I had 2 home-made meat patties for breakfast, I made up too much mix last night so cooked the remainder this morning. I didn't really have lunch as I wasn't hungry at lunch time - I had a slice of bacon and a slice of cheese as a snack at about 2. 30pm. Dinner was a nice piece of scotch fillet, sauteed red cabbage also a capsicum/tomato dish were I finely slice red, yellow & orange capsicums, fry them in butter until soft, throw in a diced tomato then cook until the tomato has gone to mush. Tonight I also threw in 2 rather tiny zuchinni. It's seasoned with garlic salt and a tiny sprinkle of garlic pepper.

yahootowers, Jan 28, 6:42am
Thats a pretty good lunch from a childs perspective.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 28, 6:43am
Okay I'll go first.
Breakfast - 2 fried eggs and a pile of mushrooms

Lunch - left over prawns with cauli rice but i usually have 2 chicken drumsticks that I bake and freeze.
- Flax muffin with as much butter as I can spread on it.

Snacks - a few raw macadamias
- Chocolate protein shake with coconut cream

Dinner - 2 lamb cutlets
cauli/leek/pumpkin mash
steamed bok choy
Drinks - lots of greent tea and 1 coffee and cream and 2t coconut oil

That's fairly typical of my day's food.

accroul, Jan 28, 6:43am
timturtle - my usual breakfast is eggs these days. There is a LC cereal that you could have though - recipe is in the Lo carb recipe thread.

yahootowers, Jan 28, 6:54am
All you can eat bacon and eggs cant argue with that now can we ? I normally have yoghurt with blue berries and a couple of chopped walnuts. Also omelettes are a great option, your only limited to your imagination when it come to these bad boys.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 28, 6:56am
Clarissa Dickson-Wright (Two Fat Ladies) in defense of butter.
Link - http://tinyurl.com/yjb6b68

Is the pet food you are serving up killing your four-legged friend? (and making your vet rich)

Link: http://tinyurl.com/y8telrq

Sorry Uli - the links were very long but you'll find reference to them on Barry Groves blog in the comments section - http://www.barrygroves. blogspot.com/

yahootowers, Jan 28, 7:10am
Today I Have had for


Yoghurt with Blue berries and 2 chopped walnuts


Bacon an eggs cooked in butter.

Afternoon tea

Snacked on some walnuts. Plus I took a bite out of a rock melon because ive never tryed it before.


Had a nice salad lettuce tomatoes spring onion grated carrot with feta cheese. Slices of corn beef.

Ive had cups of water and green tea :)

bedazzledjewels, Jan 28, 7:14am
Yahootowers - well done - remember to keep up the fats though.

timturtle, Jan 28, 7:40am
Are scotch eggs o/k for breakfast ? I seen in the shop the sausage meat had 7. 3g of carb per 100g, and thought i could add onion curry powder etc and don't crumb it and bake in the oven. Sort of want grab and go breakfast, Thanks

bedazzledjewels, Jan 28, 7:44am
You could make mini quiches in deep muffin tins and freeze them.
There's a recipe over in the Lo Carb Recipe thread.
Just watch the carbs in the sausage meat as they put in bread and fillers.

gaba1, Jan 28, 8:08am
Does this sound alright. I've been trying some of the recipes in the other LC thread, and now I want to eat it all for every meal. Am a little curious about the muffins (almond flour), and amount of pumpkin I'm eating, but... For breaky & dinner I had pumpkin soup with a bit of cream mixed it, to make it creamy, and a pumpkin pie muffin. And for lunch I had cold pork with quiche (egg, milk, cheese, tomato, silver-
beet). Actually that's what I've eaten for the past 2 days. About 2 - 3 litres of water, and one coffee, no sugar.

lil_miss_haley, Jan 28, 8:15am
I had 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast with a decaf coffee with a tsp of coconut oil for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and beef stroganoff for dinner with cauli as a side. I had 5 blueberries, half a square of 85% lindt choc and 4 sticks of celery for snacks. I also had around 3-4L of water.

accroul, Jan 28, 8:21am
timturtle - 7. 3g carbs per 100g might not seem that high, but as soon as you put that onion in, the carb content climbs quite quickly. Remember too that all herbs and seasonings (excluding salt) are plant based and therefore contain carbs.
I'd try porkmince, leave out the onion and lightly season - that way you only have about 1. 2g carbs in the egg & up to the same in carbs from seasonings.

kirinesha, Jan 28, 8:31am
Low carb Scotch eggs - if you run your mince through a mincer a 2nd or even 3rd time you get a much finer consistancy - like sausage meat but without all the fillers. Mix with a egg to bind it, (add a little coconut flour or finely ground almonds or even protein powder if you need it to be a bit drier) season it and wrap around a boiled egg. Wrap tightly in baking paper and put in fridge to "set" before baking in the oven (leaving the paper on). Unwrap 10-15 mins before done to brown the outside.

Unfortunately you can't freeze these as boiled eggs turn to rubber when frozen - but you could make several days worth at a time quite happily and store in fridge - or put something else in the middle that does freeze well - like a big chunk of cheese :)

accroul, Jan 28, 8:31am
gaba - 100g pumpkin isn't too bad @ 3. 8g effective carbs - but if you were eating 500g a day then you might be comming unstuck! Watch that almond meal/flour though - a cup of ground almonds contains 546 calories so fairly energy dense and also contains 20. 6g carbs.
I guess what I'm saying is watch the carbs - they have an awful habit of sneaking up on you!
Just a suggestion too - you made your quiche with milk - you could exchange that for cream and it will do 2 things for you 1. lower the carbs in the quiche & 2. Give you a bit more fat.

kirinesha, Jan 28, 8:37am
Accroul - you forgot to mention that it will taste even better!

gaba1, Jan 28, 8:44am
Does fat inhibit carbs? ? I just assumed we were having fat for the sake of having fat!

timturtle, Jan 28, 9:07am
Thanks for your posts, much appreciated

kirinesha, Jan 28, 9:08am
Fat has no or very low carbs in it. So 1 cup of cream (full of milk fats) will have way fewer carbs than 1 cup of milk.

timturtle, Jan 28, 9:09am
Where do you buy coconut flour from ? TIA

kirinesha, Jan 28, 10:40am
Tim- I got mine through TM: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Home-living/Food-beverage/Other/auc

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