wyndra, Dec 13, 1:13am
what can I do with them for Xmas day ???

pericles, Dec 13, 1:16am
i make a prawn & avocado red onion salad

bo0tsey, Dec 13, 2:47am
I had a delicious prawn and coriander salad at the wknd... cooked in a chilli and lime sauce would be divine!

I want to know which are the best to buy tho?

findit1, Dec 13, 5:10am
would also like to know what ones to buy???

rainrain1, Dec 13, 5:20am
You can buy crumbed prawns which would only need oven baked or Bar-b'd, they are really nice and easy and delish

bo0tsey, Oct 25, 7:02am
I searched back through threads and someone recommended the Sea Cuisine so I’m ordering some of the raw meat ones in my next online shopping order – pick up 2moro! Yay!