Bread Making Question

budgiechick, Dec 13, 12:44am
I'm starting my first foray into bread making by hand. I've read through a few recipes and was wondering

- Is "Bread Flour" different to plain white flour? Does it cost a lot more?
- Is Surebake yeast different to normal yeast? The amount of yeast seems to vary a LOT like one recipe had 1/4 tsp of yeast another had 2 TABLESPOONS of surebake yeast.


harrislucinda, Dec 13, 1:38am
breadflourcanbehighgradeusetheredtopsurebakeyeastisdifferenttonormalandyesamountsdo vary

buzzy110, Oct 23, 5:42pm
Bread flour needs to have a high gluten content hence the name High Grade Flour.

You can also use organic stone ground flour for bread making.

If you are making whole meal or grain breads you need to add in extra gluten because those grains act as tiny saws, which break the gluten bonds or prevent them from forming when you knead.

"Kneading helps the gluten create strong, rubbery chainswhich capture the gases formed by yeasts and allows the dough to rise and expand.

Gluten is necessary for structure and strength in all yeast products". - (Dean Brett Schneider)