What is your favourite cooking magazine?

supercook, Dec 9, 10:52pm
I haven't bought a cooking magazine for long time. But I did just buy the New World Real magazine and it was good it came with goodie bag. But I love Donna Hay's magazines too.

bedazzledjewels, Dec 9, 11:06pm
I only buy them for the Christmas issue each year and I've just bought Dish. It came with a very nice free calendar too!

carriebradshaw, Dec 10, 12:07am
I have a subsription to Donna Hay,it's my favourite mag.The photos are always so beautiful.
I also sometimes get the Foodtown mag and the U.K mag Good Food.The other one I like is Delicious,which is an Aussie mag.

sarahj1, Oct 12, 5:03pm
Used to really enjoy Australian Gourmet Traveller - for NZ mags, I now prefer Dish over Cuisine.
Pet peeve: sycophantic (sp?) letters to the ed in these mags - "I love your magazine so much, it's changed my life blah blah blah' - you know they're just scoping for the prize for letter of the month!
Donna Hay is pretty reliable isn't she - have a recipe of hers for sticky Thai chicken that I make at least once a fortnight - so easy, so delicious....mmmm