darkestangel1, Nov 28, 9:07pm
seafood salad- any good recipes please

kinna54, Nov 29, 12:45am
I loathe seafood so rarely make anything apart from shrimp cocktails, and crayfish. Bumping for you.

juliewn, Nov 29, 1:59am
Hi. if you type seafood salad into the Trademe Messageboard search option on the left of your screen, then change 'last 24 hours' to 'last year' by clicking on the little blue down arrow, then search, a number of threads will come up.

katith, Nov 30, 6:51am
Need a recipe please on how to make a seafood salad would like to make a bowl so everyone can help themselfs, Cheers

noonesgirl, Sep 18, 1:40am
Check out l/h message board - key in 'seafood salad' then in date posted key 'anytime'. There are recipies to choose from. Good luck.