Does anyone know where to buy those cellophane

aadunn77, Nov 30, 2:11am
plastic bags? Clear ones. To put treats in for hampers..

245sam, Nov 30, 2:19am
Do you have access to a Spotlight store?I'm not sure if they still do, but they used to, stock cellophane bags in various sizes for sweets, etc.:-))

purplegoanna, Nov 30, 2:20am
our local 1-2-3$$ store has them....

scout_6001, Nov 30, 2:35am
Most craft shops stock them.

aadunn77, Nov 30, 3:18am
cool, cheers!

gardie, Sep 17, 8:41am
Same - very reasonable and heaps of sizes.Some even have sticky tape already on them, peel off the strip and stick.