Which dark chocolate melts in double boiler?

aadunn77, Nov 29, 8:41am
I tried to melt cadburys once and it didn't work, it went gluggy

bigboy01, Nov 29, 8:46am
I have no luck in the pot either.I use the microwave and it works a treat.Better to use better brands of chocy instead of the budget packs.Thats what I've found and does taste nicer.

350g bag of Cadbury buttons put in a deep bowl and cook for 1min and stir then a further minute and its done.Keep stirring and watch as it can burn.Good luck.

aadunn77, Nov 29, 8:50am
Might sound crazy, but I don't have a microwave. Sooo, I'll need to put a bowl on a boiling pot of water...Do you think Whittakers dark choccy will melt?

245sam, Nov 29, 8:58am
aadunn77, for best results when using the double boiler method of melting chocolate, bring the water to the boil in a saucepan (or electric jug/kettle) then sit the chocolate in a bowl over the boiled (but not boiling) water, making sure that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water.If you use boiling or simmering water the steam can get into the chocolate, causing it to seize.
I have successfully used Cadburys chocolate many times using the method I described above and I would expect Whittakers to be at least equally as successful.

Hope that helps.:-))

bigboy01, Nov 29, 9:02am
If you use melted chocolate alot maybe Santa could get you a fondu set (sorry about the spelling).

timetable, Nov 29, 9:07am
i always do as above...heat the water and then place the bowl of choc on the pot then... also add a bit of kremelta if using dark choc drops...it helps to thin it down to a good consistancy....

aadunn77, Sep 14, 4:46pm
ahhh, its the steam thats screwing with me!! cheers sam.Spose with it being so warm now, with it all broken up, left on the bench with just boiled water underneath, that could work sweet.I need to do 450g tho..hmmm.

haha bigboy, now that may not be a bad idea, love cheese sauces too.Seen some real cool old school ones in op shops...