Deep fryers

suzanna, Nov 29, 7:41am
I'd really appreciate any of your experiences re what the best thing to use in deep fryers is, whether one empties it out each time after use and any other useful pieces of info for a novice in deep fryers. Thanks so much.

rainbowpride, Nov 29, 7:59am
I use canola oil in my deep fryer and it gets cleaned out as soon as the oil starts to colour.The only thing I cook in mine though is deep fried stuffing patties which I started doing because I forgot to stuff the chicken and I had the stuffing so I made it into patties and deep fried and now I get requests for it from guests I have made it for over the years.

suzanna, Nov 29, 10:49am
Thanks rainbowpride...would you mind posting your recipe please? I make stuffing (lots of herbs and a little turkey mince) in mini muffin tins and serve as a them with a mix of cranberry jelly and sour cream. Love to try yours. Thanks.

kob, Nov 29, 5:41pm
canola oil in ours and Im the same emtpy out when oil discoulors probably after 20 uses, we use ours for chips

kiwitrish, Nov 29, 7:26pm
Same as the others canola oil and empty when oil discolours.We use our for chips as well.Love it.

andrew499, Nov 29, 7:28pm
hi.I tend to use Chefade in my deep fryer simply because i prefer the the taste of food fried in it rather than oil.

bigcoly, Sep 15, 4:45pm
i use chefade in mine too. I have a tea strainer that I use to clean the chefade with each time. Then change it when it gets dirty.
One good tip is if your going to deepfry home battered blue cod (or anything else), take the basket out!. My kids love sizzlers cut into 3 & battered.