Best way to eat black strap molasses?

crickey18, Nov 29, 4:25am
Please help,whats an easy way to eat this with food?

2halls, Nov 29, 4:48am
It's probably best to use it as an ingredient,rather than try to eat it on its own.There are recipes that use it for baking ... such as gingerbread and ginger biccies,and some bread recipes also use it to activate the yeast when mixed with water :-)

2halls, Nov 29, 4:51am
There are some recipes on here that might get you started ...

crickey18, Nov 29, 4:53am
Thanks so much guys :)

davidt4, Nov 29, 5:04am
It has such a strong dominating flavour that you really need to add it to something strong tasting like gingerbread or a chocolate cake.

I remember adding it to very creamy rice puddings some years ago and that worked quite well.Only a few teaspoonsful though - maybe 3 tsp to a litre of milk and 2 tab rice plus sugar to taste.

chrisynz, Nov 29, 5:13am

rainrain1, Sep 14, 7:49am
Why would you want to eat that?We feed it to the neddys