It's too

robertsons-nes, Nov 29, 4:18am
I've made mince for nacho's and it's too spicey (hot) which I know hubby wont like. How do I counter act this??? Is it sugar I add?

motorbo, Nov 29, 4:28am
no its potatoes, but thats for salt not spice, in hsort you need to add more - so more mince, or you can grate or chop courgettes and carrots up so its then a mince and vege one, also sourcream on top helps

noonesgirl, Nov 29, 4:28am
Sugar, sour cream, little milk. Add & taste. Yum send it to me. The hotter the better.

traceedwards, Nov 29, 4:30am
You need 'fat' to kill the spiciness

245sam, Nov 29, 4:42am
robertsons-nes, have you added any beans to the mince mixture?This may make nachos that are somewhat different to how you normally like/have them but how about adding some baked beans?

To answer your question "Is it sugar I add?" - I haven't needed to try it but I understand that sugar will help in an over-spiced dish.

2halls, Nov 29, 4:46am
Dairy product ... definitely.Yoghurt or sour cream,but at a real push ... milk.This softens the spicy feel in the mouth :-)

xs1100, Sep 14, 2:13am
Thanks everyone. I ended up going a getting some more mince and just added abit of the previous lot I'd made.
Hadn't added any beans. It was a Maggie packet Nacho Mince that used and haven't used it before. WAY TOO spicey for us.
Usually I just brown the mince,add a can of pasta sauce or tomatoes,garlic and wee drop of wine.
Know now not to use that packet mix again lol