pan pizza base

freedreamz, Jan 30, 6:42am
does anyine have a recipe that would be equal to the pizza hut pan bases, they oh so yummy, we dont really like the crispy bases. TIA

angel404, Jan 30, 7:24am
do u have a breadmaker? the pizza base we make in the breadmaker is awesome.

bucjo, Jan 30, 7:25am
i use a vienna loaf as a pizza base. yum yum.

freedreamz, Jan 30, 9:57am
I have a bread maker, Have never done a pizza base in it b4, was really after how pizza hutt make theres so light and fluffy type thing.

kiwibubbles, Jul 19, 1:12pm
i've made dough in the bread maker - i just don't roll it out so thin and its quite nice