Easy punch

truuske, Nov 29, 3:35am
has anyone got a easy non alcoholic punch recipe please

alebix, Nov 29, 3:41am
a bottle of gingerale
a bottle of lemonade
1 litre of keri OJ

Mix together and put heaps of mint ice cubes in the bowl...

Really easy,cheap and refreshing. I only make this as not everyone likes cold tea (im one for sure).

truuske, Nov 29, 5:42am
thanks for that will give it a go

rainrain1, Nov 29, 5:51am
POW take that!Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

noonesgirl, Nov 29, 5:53am
Fruit Punch (Aunt Daisy)
1c strong tea
1c sugar
3/4c o.j
1/3c lemon juice
4c ginger ale
1/2 sliced orange
Pour the hot tea on the sugar, add fruit juices - cool
Just before serving add ginger ale & sliced orange

Juice 9 oranges
Juice 3 lemons
Syrup from can of pineapple & peaches & sugar to taste
1 lg cup strong tea - freshly made, trained & cooled
Add to ingredients
Strain mixture & refridgerate
Serve with soda water

truuske, Nov 29, 8:21am
aunt daisy recipe sounds great too have try this as well thanks

alebix, Nov 29, 9:48am
Pinto make a punch concentrate you can buy.Its a bout $8 for a 2 litre bottle nand its really nice.

Add fresh fruit to any punch and its great.

duckmoon, Nov 29, 10:26am
this is the recipe I use - and Rachel is a good woman - and a great cook!

Rachel’s Punch
1 litre strong tea
1 cup sugar
1 or 2 cups cordial (lemon, lime or orange) - I use Roses Lime Cordial from the supermarket - put it in undiluted.
3 litres fruit juice (orange, grapefruit, pineapple)
Allow to cool.

3 litres lemonade
3 litres gingerale
TOTAL = 10 litres or 50 glasses

Make the tea, and after about 20 mins pour onto 1 cup sugar, and stir till sugar is dissolved. Add the cordial and fruit juices. Chill this mixture in two containers of equal amounts. When ready pour one container of mixture into punch bowl (or large mixing bowl) adding 1.5L of chilled lemonade and gingerale. Make up the second 'batch' when ready. You could make up the whole amount if you have a large enough bowl/bucket!

truuske, Sep 20, 1:50pm
this sounds great too, I wanted punch for the children at a wedding I am sure the older ones will drink this too, thank you so much