Lolly scramble question ...

raffella, Nov 29, 2:40am
Perhaps someone will know?How many lollies to allow per child for a lolly scramble?Approx. 80 children.Many thanks!!

valentino, Nov 29, 3:13am
Depends on what sort of lollies, if those normal smallish ones wrapped in paper like Minties size or McIntoshes then think of what an average child will be happy with, likewise if say mini-bars or a mixture with those little lollypops..... whatever.

One would suggest a good handful but keep some in reserve to give to those that are a little slower, even toddlers.

Comes down to what one is budgeting for overall.


kob, Nov 29, 3:24am
for 80 kids id say 3-4 ech at least

1126, Nov 29, 4:01am
Man ...I think they have two hands...if you want it to be fair you would need at least 12 lollies each.... let face it ....the one with the biggest hands wins! LOL.....

chrisynz, Nov 29, 5:15am
or the bigger kids pushing the little ones out of the way, i would have age related extra sweets for those who dont get any

raffella, Nov 30, 12:12am
Thanks for replies so far - any other guesses.It would make a huge difference as to how many kg's I purchase for 80 kids!

goldgurl_design, Sep 16, 1:40pm
I like the age related scramble too - that's what we do :)

And when we have a pinata, there is an age limit - otherwise it gets quite dangerous LOL