Home made strawberry sauce exp date????

watertank1, Nov 28, 6:32pm
Have been making stawberry sauce using sugar, water and cornflour. Just woundering how long this will last for in a preserving jar untill opened, then after opened. Looking at making as part of xmas gifts.

dezzie, Nov 28, 11:09pm
well, if its hot when you put it in the jar and the jar actually seals, then it should be fine, after opening, I'm not sure, it would need to be kept in the fridge, maybe two smaller jars instead of one big one would be a better gift, or just tiny bottles like mustard ones.

watertank1, Sep 13, 2:19am
Yep the lid pops down on the jar/bottle so it is sealing. My test batch hasnt lasted long (as it tastes so good i have eaten it on everthingLOL) Thanks