Puy Lentils - where can I buy

rebert62, Nov 28, 7:44am
Does anyone know where I can buy Puy Lentils.I have tried some specialty deli type stores and supermarkets but cannot find them.Can anyone help as I want to do a dish with them for Christmas.thanks.

winnie231, Nov 28, 7:47am
Bin Inn or an Asian Food Warehouse

rebert62, Nov 28, 8:20am
Thanks winnie, never thought of trying the asion food warehouse or bin inn.Cheers

dreamers, Nov 28, 8:36am
Puy Lentils are the area in France where they come from ,You can buy them in Sabato in Auckland ,Theyare quite expensive.Have never seen them in an Asian warehouse as they are French..also never seen them in Bin inn,but could be wrong on that count ..

suzanna, Nov 28, 11:32am
Try Farro, Ceres, google 'wholefoods Auckland' and you may find more possibilities and be able to phone to ask about whether or not they stock puy lentils. Good luck, I use them alot and they are worth paying for.

calista, Nov 28, 6:30pm
I have bought tjem in a supermarket. tho not recemtly.Maybe New World, which tends to be better at that kind of stuff,

ruby19, Nov 28, 6:57pm
I have just bought mine from Farro on the North shore.I have previously bought them from Sabato.

2halls, Nov 29, 1:22am
Yes,Puy lentils are French and have a denomination control on them (like Champagne),but they are also grown in Canada and you often find them in organic (wholefoods) shops called "small green lentils",it's effectively the same thing at a fraction of the price :-)

cookessentials, Sep 13, 3:59pm
I get mine from Moore Wilson