Elderberry Wine - does anyone have a really good r

colonel_nig, Feb 28, 11:33pm
Our tree is really laden with berries and I would like to have another try at making wine. Last years was NOT a success.

cookessentials, Mar 1, 1:34am
Try this

I dont know what a campden tablet is, but they say to use it.

harrislucinda, Mar 1, 2:31am
ifnotwinei havejustmadejamandacordialmadeittoothicksousing itasathickshakeallyummmm

accroul, Mar 1, 5:06am
campden is a sanitiser of sorts. I haven't read the link, but you put campden in with the fruit to kill any natural yeasts that may be present on the fruit. The reason for this is so that the commerical yeast you add will impart it's true characteristics rather than fighting with the natural yeasts. Campden will go some way to killing off other bacteria too.

robyn1313, Mar 1, 5:11am
Some of the older cookbooks such as from the 40s - 50s have excellent (mostly) fail safe recipes for wine. It won't help at the moment but next time you are passing an antique shop or market try and get yourself one. I have several and found them to be very easy to understand. Sorry mine is packed away now - but I have made rice wine, plum sherry and alcoholic ginger beer from them

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