Gluten!!!! My new learning curve this year

mandy1968, Mar 1, 12:59am
Just got results for gluten blood test... IgA was high.
This may explain a long history of all kinds of ailments but no doctor before now ever contemplated this simple test!
Only after a very good GP questioned my iron levels that need constant monitoring did she say that Coeliac Disease can be the cause of low iron.
So... where to from now? The doc is on holiday until next week but I have started trying to eliminate gluten already.
What do you suggest and what has your experience been? ? ?

oscarnz, Mar 1, 5:10am
If you have not yet had all the tests for Coeliac Disease, you should continue to eat gluten containing foods otherwise the test results will be inaccurate

melford, Mar 1, 8:27am
Don't elimininate gluten at all as you have to be on gluten for the tests to be accurate. You willhave to have further investigative tests yet which the Dr will attend to on his return

mandy1968, Mar 1, 10:09pm
that occured to me yesterday after reading more about it! Thank you so much!

earthangel4, Mar 2, 5:42am
Do let us know how you get on

bedazzledjewels, Sep 23, 4:15am
Mandy - there are some long-running gluten free threads on ths forum that you'll find using the search function.
They might be helpful if you get a diagnosed with a problem.

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