Cooking chicken breast like they do in restaurants

justseven, Nov 25, 8:45am
How do i cook them so they are nice and juicy? What method do you use? Mine are always dry, thanks

greerg, Nov 25, 7:35pm
Poached chicken breasts are always moist so I do that if I want to add cold chicken to a dish.Otherwise it's just a question of not overcooking it i.e cooking it just until all pinkness has disappeared.If I'm oven baking them with stuffing or wrapped in bacon I always flatten them out as far as possible to ensure thay cook quickly.

fisher, Nov 26, 12:37am
Poached Chicken Breasts
1/2 chicken breast,100ml cream,nutmeg,salt,chives,white pepper,choice of chervil ~ tarragon ~ oregano,1 large brown mushroom,
Slice the brown mushroom finely and cook in a little olive oil. Finely slice the chives and herb of your choice.
Place all of the above ingredients into a blender and whiz up ..Scoop out and place into a Ziploc® bag, snip a corner end off to create a piping bag.
Butterfly a chicken breast for each person and pipe in the filling mixture.Don't overfill.Fold the breast over to ensure no filling showing...
Lay out cling wrap and place each breast in and add a little salt and white pepper over the top...
Carefully roll 5 times tucking in ends to eventually make a tidy "sealed" sausage shape and knot each end..
Place in med hot (not boiling) stock for exactly (timed) 7 mins to poach. Snip end, press out let rest 3 mins and cut in half on the diagonal. Serve.

beaker59, Nov 26, 12:52am
Baked or fried breasts are usually dry because over cooked. Its a fine line between rare and overdone. My Fav quick brest is to cut into strips about as thick as a finger then soak in lemon juice for 30min squeeze the juice out then drop into a beaten egg well salted then fry in butter oil mix until golden brown don't over do it then allow to rest serve on a green salad.

kiwigoldie, Nov 26, 4:24am
i just get a chicken breast cut a pocket in it and put something tasty inside. Wrap it in bacon and pop in a ceramic cooking dish and cook about 20-30 mins until juices clear...its lovely and very moist...had it last night in fact and my husband commented how moist and tasty it was.

motorbo, Nov 26, 4:27am
one way to get moist chicken, and it works, i do this for one fat breast, put in a pot of water add some soy sauce and ginger and orange or lemon juice, bring to the boil put lid on and turn off element. leave for 1 hour, come back and you will have moist chcken cooked through.

fisher, Sep 6, 8:05pm
kiwigoldie. yes,my favourite way for chicken many variations.. Here's one...:}
chopped mushrooms, with pre fried bacon and cheese, oregano or tarrogon.. and some onion flakes.. salt and white pepper.. dip into "coat and cook'.. pin together.. Brush oil onto a baking pan and add the chicken breasts. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and bake for 20 mins turning once adding parmesan cheese to the other side. Bake for a further 20 mins or until golden brown both sides making sure chicken is cooked through