Mini cheesecake wrappers

kjs31, Nov 22, 7:01am
Doing single serve cheesecakes for wedding. Can't find in chch a supplier of wrappers to form them. Can't use muffin/cupcake as not straight or tall enough and they are ridged. Would appreciate any suggestions!

cookessentials, Nov 22, 7:21am
Use a loose base individual cheesecake pan are a good depth, have straight sides and with the lose bottom, makes removal super easy.

kiwibubbles, Nov 22, 7:42am
omg thats what i need for my mince pies!!!!!!!!!!

cookessentials, Nov 22, 8:33am
They would make VERY deep mince pies though!

vintagekitty, Nov 22, 8:38am
those are so cool

vintagekitty, Nov 22, 8:40am
now I want cheesecake....

cookessentials, Nov 22, 8:42am
How are you VK?

vintagekitty, Nov 22, 8:44am
good thanks, so tired atm, I have no energy, But would love cheesecake. How are you?, you must be getting geared up for xmas

kjs31, Nov 22, 8:52am
Oh, thanks so so much!!!! You rock!

ribzuba, Nov 22, 1:19pm
i make miniature cakes all the time, i buy pipes from shop like mitre 10, cut it into desired lengths, normally 5-10cm then line with acetate and fill with cake, freeze, when set pop out and decorate.this would only work for a gelatin set cake, for baked those tins would be perfect!

cookessentials, Aug 26, 2:06pm
Yes, starting to get busier with lots of new and interesting things arriving. Open seven days now,so will be looking forward to the four days off over Christmas.