fried potato?

raewyn64, Feb 28, 4:22am
I want to do something like grated potato and fried to make a flat nest for a salad to go onto. But I don't have a deep fryer so need to do something in a shallow frypan.
Any suggestions of what I can make.

jessie981, Sep 14, 1:18pm
Potato Pancakes (Aunt Daisy) Adjust to your own serving)
Peel & grate 1&1/2lb raw potatoes
Into 3c grated potatoes, stir 1 grated sm onion, 1 unbeaten egg, 5TBSPs flour, 1tsp salt & pepper
Heat oil & drop potato mixture in. Fry until crisp & golden on underside, turn & bown other side. Makes about 16 pancakes

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