Butter Icing

grandma, Nov 20, 6:40am
I thought I may put butter icing on my Christmas cake this year, but am unsure about whether it will keep. Can anyone advise me please?

cgvl, Nov 20, 6:45am
I have used it in the past and has kept fine although I made a brandy butter icing. Our Xmas cakes used to get eaten pretty quick, these days I rarely make one and don't bother icing it as it keeps better.

grandma, Nov 20, 6:46am
That was quick cgvl - how did you store your cake please?

245sam, Nov 20, 6:47am
grandma, do you mean the Brandy Butter Icing as in the Edmond's book(s)?If so, yes it has always kept for me/us - both myself and my Mum have used that icing for years and it keeps really well for months - we have been known to still have a piece of cake left almost a year later and the only 'fault' with it was that the icing had discoloured where it was directly on the cake (i.e. without any almond icing between it and the cake); it still tasted good though.

grandma, Nov 20, 6:54am
Thanks 245sam - I knew this message board would come up trumps!Did you store your cake in a tin, plastic container or?

245sam, Nov 20, 6:54am
grandma, Mum and I both have a big square Tupperware cake carrier (from memory I think that is what they're called) - a base that the cake can be put on before icing, then cut on the base and in between times kept covered with the lid and I think that somewhere I may have/have had a carry handle for the container.:-))

grandma, Nov 20, 7:03am
That's the exact cake container I use 245sam! (and I use it the same way - bottom of the cake on the lid and the lid as a cover.)Thanks to you both for your responses - it has given me the confidence to have a change this year.(I have used recipes from both of you in the past, so will take this opportunity of thanking you both for them.)

cgvl, Nov 23, 6:40am
sorry grandma just remebered this.
When I make one lol, only 2 of us and we don't really eat fruit cake these days, I keep it in a cake tin once iced. If a large one and sharing with all the family then its left on the side board with a knife and an old fancy table cloth covering it .. to keep insects off.
Seems to keep fine that way, but doesn't last long.

grandma, Nov 23, 7:27am
Thanks cgvl - baked it today - a real Christmas smell throughout the house.I have decided that I will give the butter icing a go this year.

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