Ginger beer question

artkat, Nov 17, 11:30pm
I have looked at the old threads and have a few questions. I have tasted several home made ginger beers- some made with a bug and others by bottle (some with yeast and some without). At the time I wasn't planning on making any so didn't get a recipe. One was awful (bug), one was great (also a bug) and one of others was nice as well. I really like the Bundaberg GB but hate the Macs - is there a recipe that you can recommend to get a similar taste.
Bottles - what size bottles are best. I have some 2.25 - are they too big or will it take longer. I looked at home brew bottles but the biggest that I can find is 750 ml. Is this too small?

harrislucinda, Nov 18, 1:26am

artkat, Nov 18, 8:15am
Thanks for the recipe - I will give it a go tomorrow

elliehen, Nov 18, 9:15am
Have you tried the Queensland 'Buderim' Ginger Refresher syrup?It's a bottle with the cordials in the supermarket and you can add soda water for a fizzy real ginger beer taste, or plain water for a cool refreshing ginger drink.

jerrytravis, Nov 19, 12:30am
i find Bundaberg GB rather tepid, compared to the knock yer socks off potency of the homemade brews i used to make as a kid. home brewed all the way!

courtney2004, Aug 17, 1:45pm
I would be really keen for a recipe for Ginger Beer that can be made a few bottles at a time! Most common bottles we have is the 2.25L Old Coke bottles so something here would be fab - we only have baby lemon trees so hope not all recipes use zillions of lemons!

Edit to add:
I like Pams GB and Bundergbur (sp?) so something down those lines would be great.