Best Chocolate to use?

julie743, Nov 16, 10:17pm
I am making some christmas chocolate treats, what is the best chocolate to use for melting to make the treats?

ribzuba, Nov 16, 10:24pm
can you temper chocolate?

rosathemad, Nov 16, 10:58pm
Julie, it depends what you're doing. If you mean melting to mix in with ingredients and roll into balls, choose whatever you like best/fits the budget from the confectionary aisle. If you want to dip them in chocolate you'll either want to use chocolate melts (from the baking aisle) or temper the chocolate. The melts don't taste quite as good but tempering is a fiddly process so it's probably the way to go. :-)

ardente, Aug 11, 6:09pm
I like the Nestle melts.But good old Whittakers works too.Tempering choc is way to much hard work for me!