Jam/Relish, cheap fruit or vege needed

lissamel, Feb 27, 9:17am
Hi - hoping someone can help. We're a hoping to make some jam/relish (something to go into jars) with a group of kids aged 10-13. Does anyone have any recipes they can share, or any ideas of what produce we can get cheap/free? We have a pretty tight budget! What is in season at the moment? We're based in Wellington. .

Thanks in advance!

lissamel, Feb 27, 9:19am
Forgot to say - the resulting relish/jam will be donated to a local foodbank (assuming it all turns out edible! )

korbo, Feb 27, 6:25pm
check out some of my listings. just type in my user name on lefthand side, and click on anytime. i have listed some easy recipes. will check here later on... . the tomato relish is an real easy one, and wouldnt take too long to make.

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