Cat puke on carpet stain removal please

lindylambchops1, Feb 27, 7:56am
The wee kitten meowed & then puked up on carpet, any ideas how to remove this stain please? Looks like cat biscuits! but has left a brown stain.

budrose, Feb 27, 8:17am
If you go to catsofaustralia web site they have several stain removal tips there. All the best

maandpa2b, Feb 27, 8:56am
this is recipes... i think you're in the wrong area. however, I wash with warm soapy water and the blot well. The sun should bleach it out if you can get it in the sun.

winnie231, Feb 27, 9:10am
No - definately not the wrong area!
This might be recipes but there's alot of folks here who are very experienced in 'domesticated' matters which is why we are regularly asked for advice on anything from mouldy showers to cat puke.
I've had success with soapy water & lots of blotting then once the area was dry - I coated it thickly with baking soda & left it overnight. Vacuum the next morning ... this is to remove any lingering odour.
Good luck :)

lindylambchops1, Feb 27, 9:15am
meeeoooow purrrfect tyvm! Have got the stain covered in Baking Soda since it happened! Will vacuum it up & now try to remove the stain. TY for all your help. I have seen all sorts of queries answered on the Recipes Message Boards. Someone is always willing to help or steer people in the right direction.

doug57, Feb 27, 9:25am
Grab a clean 2l plastic milk container. . add 1L water, 1/4 C white vinegar and a squirt dishwashing liquid. Pour over stain, blot off [stand on folded towels] repeat if necessay. Stain AND smell should go.
Orangy stains may not work. Good luck. [Keep this solution on hand for all spills and stains, works on upholstery also]

martine5, Feb 27, 10:29am
If the stain hasn't gone go out and by some dixon's carpet cleaner it is the best, follow the instructions and the mess should be gone - as mine was earlier this week

biker_69, Feb 27, 10:36pm
Or perhaps a cat puke pie is on the menu at lamb's house...

jaxma, Sep 15, 4:12pm
Cavalier carpet cleaner (from the supermarket) is AMAZING stuff! It removed the exact same stain from my creamy coloured carpet just a month or two ago :-)Also, you'd be surprised at the power of baby wipes!

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