Best way to cook kingfish?

ksr, Feb 27, 7:27am
Have no idea!

gypsy11, Feb 27, 8:52am
Can be cut into steaks (Darnes) and pan fried. It is a firm flesh quite dark but makes good eating.

norma2, Feb 27, 9:15am
we smoke with brown sugar and salt.

ksr, Feb 27, 9:56am
Thanks. I don't like steaks LOL so I am assuming I can fillet and panfry as per usual?


beaker59, Feb 27, 10:34pm
Ksr itcan definately be filleted and fried as a normal fillet. Its very nice too.

fisher, Sep 14, 7:10am
Ksr, beaker59 is right... with the fillets, leave the skin on and place some slits in the skin about 3cm apart. . Place on a stinking hot BBQ plate skin side down on top of a wee drizzle of HOT oil... Leave it alone, dont shift or flip, but grind some black pepper and a wee pinch of salt on the flesh. . you will see the flesh change colour and the skin will crisp up nicely and when cooked about half way, flip over on flesh side onto another wee drizzle of HOT oil... not long to cook this side, remove and serve... My favourite fish and puka and snapper fillets can be done the same way. . leaving the skin on allows the fats to impart their flavour and the fish not dry out...
Also a great fish for the smoker...

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