icing help please???

dwebble, Feb 27, 6:23am
can someone please help me with what the name is off the icing or whatever its called that you can ice out onto greaseproof paper and it will dry hard and you can then take it off the paper and directly onto the cake.

I have used it once before about 4yrs back, but I was just told to go to the craft shop and grab a bag of this icing powder stuff and add water and then I could add colours from there. So the bag never had a name on it at all.

I have tried google looking for info, but I just seem to be drawing up a blank over and over. Any info is definitely much appreciated. I want to make a cake decoration for my daughters 8th birthday in 13 days.

angel404, Feb 27, 6:38am
i dont know weither, what about fondant icing?

margyr, Feb 27, 6:45am
royal icing, made with egg whites, icing sugar and a drop or 2 of lemon juice.

dwebble, Feb 27, 10:39am
so what is the difference between fondant and royal? This is where I become confused.

What I did with that last lot of stuff was I got grease proof paper, drew the pic on it and then got the icing, added water, then just mixed my own colours and piped inside the outline like colouring in a pic. I had a black outline. The icing stuff just smoothed itself out nicely and I stuck it on top of the fridge for about 4ish days and it dried rock hard. When I was ready on the day, I just iced the mudcake with choc icing and peeled the other pic off the paper and laid it on top. Easy peasy.

paynta1, Feb 27, 3:41pm
think its just like icing made up same as to ice a cake but runnyer, lots lemon juice, we called it a run out, you did what you say and leave it to set and place on top of a cake. still quite thickesh but it runs into place, Royal icing isn't it.

paynta1, Feb 27, 3:43pm
Fondant you roll, royal you pipe on make into what you are making, so its royal icing but not so thick, I used to use a small brush to smooth it to the edges, after the piping bit

dwebble, Sep 14, 10:52pm
cool. Thanks for that

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