Where can I buy bitter sweet chocolate

wineo, Nov 8, 2:37am
I re quire the above for a recipie have today been to a Foodtown and also the opposition New World, but cannot find it, I live on the North Shore in Auckland so would ideally like a place near by to purchase it from

spot20, Nov 8, 2:44am
Try a gourmet foody shop!

tortenz, Nov 8, 2:52am
It's just dark... you could try the dark ghana whittakers :)60% or more cocoa is best

accroul, Nov 8, 2:55am
The closer you get to 100%, the more bitter the chocolate will taste (to most people). Whittakers go up to 72& and Lindt do an 80%

cookessentials, Nov 8, 3:11am
Green and Blacks are sold at Countdown and others, they have a brilliant 70% and an 85%

tortenz, Nov 8, 3:16am
Just to be clear... you can really use whatever chocolate you want :)Don't worry too much about numbers.If you like really dark, use that.If you dislike the bitterness, use one that has a lower percentage.

Sometimes I use a mixture of dark and milk, like in a mud cake or brownie.In biscuits with choc chunks, I would use maybe 72% because the bitterness is good with the sweetness of the biscuits.

Just use whatever you think you'll like best :)

wineo, Nov 8, 3:29am
thanx for your help everyone. cheers

marcs, Nov 8, 5:45am
Bittersweet chocolate is about 62% cocoa. I know whitikars used to make this. Dark chococlate is 70% or more. I love the whittikars brand 70% chocolate. Yum.

245sam, Nov 8, 5:55am
wineo, have a look at the following link to see a picture of what, IMO, you should be looking for, and it's available as a "50g Chunky Bar" or a "250g Block":-


Hope that helps.:-))

davidt4, Nov 8, 6:04am
That's a link to almond milk chocolate. Is that what you intended?Milk chocolate is not the same as bittersweet.

cookessentials, Nov 8, 6:43am
You sure can, however, a good chocolate such as the 85% need not be bitter.
Dark 85% and I think a bitter sweet was asked for.
A new addition to our bar range, this intense bar is a whole new recipe that has taken us a long time to perfect. Our Head of Taste, Micah Carr-Hill, spent months working on the flavour, intensity and balance – it was essential to avoid the bitterness often associated with extremely dark chocolate.

"A generous measure of Madagascan organic vanilla was essential – as it not only lends its distinctive flavour but enhances the very essence of the chocolate – it rounds out the bitter notes and softens any tartness. It was tricky to get the balance right, but using incredibly simple ingredients – organic cocoa, organic raw cane sugar, organic vanilla – we've created a fantastically intense tasting chocolate."

deus701, Nov 8, 6:57am
Resotech sells them


Life is too short to eat crappy chocolates

245sam, Nov 8, 7:08am
No!!!! Definitely not - the link I understood that I had c&p'd was to Whittaker's "BITTERSWEET DARK 250g Rich Dark Chocolate Block".
Obviously the one link serves for all their chocolate range and the various options in the range can be accessed through the two downsliders (on that link) that give the choice of bar/block size and flavour, etc.

and....I am very much aware that milk chocolate is not the same as bittersweet.:-))

bedazzledjewels, Nov 8, 7:11am
That's true Deus. Top quality dark chocolate is really interesting - cacao from different countries and varying tastes just like wine or coffee beans.

tortenz, Nov 8, 9:16am
Yes true, but I was just assuming OP would only be baking at home for her and family.

I wouldn't use extremely high % dark chocolate if I was making something for kids... I would probably use a mix of milk and whittakers bittersweet dark.But I would use really dark for adults.

Recipes using chocolate are great for changing according to your own requirements.You just use the darkness of chocolate you like to eat.

ribzuba, Nov 8, 10:02am
personally i prefer valrhona araguani which is a 72% chocolate, and not at all bitter but very aromatic, sabato has a monopoly on the import of valrhona into New Zealand so you will either have to buy it off them or one of the stores they supply.As a general rule though if a chocolate advertises itself as bittersweet it is going to be a poorer quality chocolate - the higher quality the bean and the process which it goes through to be turned into chocolate determines its quality, and bittersweet is often a way of saying bad beans...

cookessentials, Nov 8, 5:46pm
The valrhona cocoa is also nice.

elliehen, Nov 8, 10:18pm
Whittaker's Dark Ghana, at 72% cocoa solids, is an excellent, inexpensive all-purpose chocolate.

My quick fix is one square on a spoonful of coconut threads.Close your eyes and you could be eating a Bounty Bar :)

dragonzflame, Nov 9, 12:55am
I've used Whittakers Dark Cacao, that's 62%. Depending on what you want it for, Dark Ghana might be too strong. That said, I once got some of that Lindt 85% and it was way too strong even for me, but it made the BEST brownies ever.

bedazzledjewels, Nov 9, 12:59am
I've got some Lindt 99% that I brought back from Melbourne. I actually prefer it to the 85% as it melts in your mouth much better.

deus701, Nov 9, 3:57am
I tried 100% choc before. The first time it gave me a headache.. then for some odd reason, i wanted to taste it again haha I tasted pure cocoa butter too..pretty disgusting on its own, but I think its really good for you skin!

I had brownies made from couverture and gosh, its good.. its like having an orgasm in your mouth

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