Help needed with a stain

lulu239, Feb 27, 4:29am
Some foundation flicked onto my good trousers and it looks as though it is there to stay. I scraped it off and washed it. Then I sprayed it with one of those prewash sprays and it doesn't seem to have made any difference. From experience, it is one of the worst thing to have on fabric. Can someone help. I don't want to relegate them to being usedin the garden!

jmonster, Feb 27, 5:15am
Hi whenever I have had this problem I have just used make up remover

lulu239, Feb 27, 5:22am
Hi jmonster. I never thought of that. Hopefully others may be able to help if that fails.

margyr, Feb 27, 6:44am
just use straight dish wash liquid, work it into the stain but dont rub it, then wash as normal.

i_want_one, Feb 27, 9:49am
sard wonder soap is really good for all stains ive come across so far

lulu239, Sep 13, 3:57pm
Thanks all for your suggestions. I had some makeup remover tissues and they did the job. I had already tried dishwash liquid but no go. The tissues were the thing to get rid of the stain.

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