Freezing silver beet

koru_designs, Nov 5, 2:57am
Has anyone tried freezing it without blanching 1st? Did it go mushy when defrosted or was it ok?

geldof, Nov 5, 3:17am
tends to go slimey and discoloured

koru_designs, Nov 5, 3:20am
Ok. Haven't frozen it before & I have tons of it to harvest before it all goes to seed...guess I'll be spending my evening over a boiling pot of water blanching it Thanks heaps :)

uli, Nov 5, 4:29am
I just clean it - chop it and cook it - then freeze in small bag lots.

Upon defrosting I use it in pies, frittata, quiches and the like.

geldof, Jul 15, 2:15pm
Yes, me too.Its brilliant.Frozen spinach is so expensive and silverbeet so easy to grow.