Eggplant Recipes?

nessie26, Feb 27, 1:16am
I would like to try eggplant but have no idea how to cook them. Does anyone have any EASY, FAIL PROOF recipes for me to try? ? Just some basic recipes to start off with would be appreciated! !

kirinesha, Feb 27, 1:26am
If you type Eggplant into the Search function on the left of the screen and select Anytime it will bring up heaps of brilliant recipes! Eggplant would be my all time favourite vege :)

darlingmole, Sep 12, 2:19pm
I like them sliced into circles, dipped in seasoned egg, then flour and pan fried in butter. You could always "flash" it up with garlic or whatever else herbs you like but that way is very nice. I also make moussaka with it (a greek casserole)

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