Icing for cakes

crystalmint, Feb 27, 12:30am
Is there any specialway of using those piping things when you want to write things on a cake? We have the pipe thing in the draw im just not sure if there is a special technique or if yoi just put the icing in it and squeeze

barloo, Feb 27, 2:44am
practice practice practice! ! At least you can do that and put back in and start again! ! hehehehe

paynta1, Mar 1, 9:03am
hold the bag in your right hand, twisting the top and applying pressure so the icing can come out, at the same time hold the bottom near the tube to control it when you right. and sqeeze

abbey_magick, Sep 21, 7:51am
Making sure your using the correct icing, and thin it out a bit if you need too (rather than bursting the bag).

Practice and dont get dis-heartened if you dont get it straight away.

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