Christmas Baking

mary-poppins, Nov 3, 10:02pm
Morning all.Can you wonderful people please advise me on how long things like russian/choc fudge, coconut ice, apricot balls & shortbread will last for?I am wanting to do gifts for people for christmas but am unsure how far in advance i can make it so it will still be ok for christmas :)thanks

gardie, Nov 4, 4:14am
Apricot balls and shortbread can go into the freezer.Take them out of the freezer as you start to make the cuppa and by the time you are ready, they'll have softened enough.Fudge and coconut ice should be made closer to the time.I make my russian fudge as close to christmas as possible.

timetable, Nov 5, 5:03am
i agree with gardie - you can make well ahead - up to 3 months - and frezze.... just make sure that you put them into air tight containers and seal well...if you want to choc dip the truffles or shortbread then do so when frozen as they set well that way - fresh truffles will fall a part in the hot chocolate... enjoy!!!

greerg, Jul 16, 6:45pm
Coconut ice freezes well but Russian fudge sometimes goes cloudy.