Breadcases, how to make??

kashell21, Feb 26, 8:43pm
Anybody got any good recipes, that don't make them soggy at the bottom (or is that just a technique? ). Thanks in advance.

wilson16, Feb 26, 8:57pm
Stale bread, cut the crust off. Tuck them into buttered patty pans. Brush with melted butter. Bake until crisp and brown, 180 ish.

Then add your fillings

Will keep for quite a while in airtight containers.

kashell21, Feb 26, 9:00pm
Thanks for that, just to make it clear do u have to cook your filling separately e. g. bacon spagetti & cheese?

darlingmole, Feb 26, 9:17pm
kashell21 ... toast/crisp up your cases and then put your precooked fillings in just before serving or else they'll go soggy for sure

fmgirl, Sep 11, 7:00pm
I make my breadcases first then put the filling in, I use muffin tins to make them.

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