Chicken pie without milk

cheese-mike, Oct 26, 12:34am
I wanted to make a chicken pie with my left over roast chicken.
I got everything ready (leeks, carrot, peas, chicken, potato topping), then found my 'darling' partner had used all the milk.

Does anyone know how i could make the sauce without any milk, I have sour cream if that helps.
I don't have any cans of soup either.

Any ideas?

smileeah, Oct 26, 12:37am
Well, you could thicken chicken stock with cornflour. Sour cream stirred through at the end of cooking might be an idea. I haven't used milk in a chicken pie before.

cheese-mike, Oct 26, 12:40am
Do you think I could use a gravy sachet somehow?
just realised I am out of chicken stock!

datoofairy, Oct 26, 12:43am
I've used Sage and Onion gravy mix as a sauce for chicken pie filling many times, its yummy.I also in some garlic and a small splash of soy sauce. I have also added frozen corn to some,mushrooms to others.
Even just the 'roast chicken' gravies are nice.

cheese-mike, Jun 23, 11:45am
I am going to go put that together now!
Thank you so much!