Gluten free Yoghurt

earthangel4, Oct 20, 10:15pm
I have been traveling to Blenheim to get my gluten free yoghurt,just found it in New World this morning here in Grey.
For those that want to try it,its called Piako Gourmentyoghurt ,it comes in 3 different flavours, mixed berries,strawberry and passionfruit, and in a clear pottle 500gms.
It is expensive 7.00

cookessentials, Oct 20, 10:22pm
Morning earthangel, another one you might like to try and much cheaper is the "Collective" yoghurt...we tried it while away in Eastbourne over the weekend. It is around $5.60 or so for a 500g tub. We tried the rhubarb and strawberry and have since had the dark plum. It is a probiotic yoghurt and is hand made.
This from the site:Our gourmet yoghurt is: 95% fat free, probiotic, vegetarian, gluten free, preservative free and handmade.

Ingredients: whole milk, cream, skim milk powder, sugar, passionfruit pulp (5%), honey, agar, pectin, culture acidophilus bifidus, L.casei.

Here is the link to their website.

cookessentials, Oct 20, 10:31pm
I also love their site...they are very humourous.

earthangel4, Oct 20, 10:42pm
Thanks so much cooks,will try that one for sure,and much cheaper,just love there site,thankyou.

earthangel4, Oct 20, 10:46pm
Just had another look at there site,can buy it here,also it is better for me looking at the ingreds.
You are wonderful,as always.

cookessentials, Oct 20, 10:46pm
Somewhere on the site, it does give you a list of suppliers in the various areas of the country.

lenart, Oct 20, 11:32pm
You can try making your own favourite yoghurt. Buy the brand you like (better the fresh one) and mix 50ml of yoghurt to 1 litre of milk heated to 44C Add either condensed milk, cream or 1/3 cup of powdered milk to achieve a thicker consistency. UHT milk is good for making yoghurt, it's already been heat treated to stabilize milk proteins for smoother texture. Keep the mixture at 43-44 C either in the oven or wrap it in the blanket for 4-6 hours at constant temperature and you'll get your own yoghurt. Mix it with your favourite sweeteners or fruits and enjoy.

uli, Jun 14, 1:47pm
Lenart is right - yoghurt is just milk and culture - no gluten in sight. Very easy to make yourself at home - all you need is a wide mouth thermos or one of those polystyrene yoghurt makers - no electricity needed.

Or buy one of lenarts starter cultures for mesophilic yoghurt - they need no extra warmth and grow simply on your kitchen bench - but will be different in texture and taste to thermophilic cultures.