Wow, Breville are a great company

bcnd, Feb 25, 11:08pm
I brought a new handmixer well over 2 years ago in anticipation of my old mixer dying. Well it didn't until the other day. The new mixer had been away in the cupboard since I brought it. When I went to use it, I found a part had broken on it. The bit that holds onto the mixers. I took photos of the broken part & all the packaging with my explaination and emailed them. They were AMAZING. They happily agreed to replace it & my new mixer arrived on the courier this morning, Yay for a reputable company

alebix, Feb 25, 11:59pm
WOW, thats really good to hear.

I likie Breville products.

Lots of people dont (not sure why), but its good to hear that they stand by their stuff not matter what.

elliehen, Feb 26, 1:41am
It's a pity that Breville no longer makes the Breville Muffin Magic Muffin maker. It's an amazing little benchtop gadget which can be used for much more than muffins.

It has three large 'cups' in which you can cook mini-quiches, mini-bread case 'pies' and everything seems to cook in 15 mins. Saves turning on the oven and is good for re-heating too.

Occasionally you see them offered on TM and they do survive the post if packed properly. I have bought several for Uni students and for friends.
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elliehen, Feb 26, 1:57am
Here's one listed: 273541963If I were interested, I'd want to ask if there were scratches on the non-stick interior and perhaps ask for a second photo of the interior to be added. (BTW if you have an objection to Teflon you can line with crinkle-paper cups. )

melford, Sep 9, 2:52am
I too have wonderful service from Breville. I purchased one of their whisper quiet kettles over a year ago (and then it sounded like a jumbo jet taking off). Despite it being out of guarantee they sent me a new one. Well done Breville - you have kept my faith in your products and I will certainly buy more from you.

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