Freezing marmalade?

kaddiew, Oct 17, 10:57pm
I've just made some marmalade but don't quite have enough jars/lids. Is it possible to freeze some of it in plastic containers to thaw as needed (keeping it in the fridge once thawed)?Thanks!

cookessentials, Oct 17, 11:31pm
I know you can freeze the cut up citrus before you use it for marmalade,however, I am not sure if you can freeze it once made.

245sam, Oct 17, 11:38pm
kaddiew, although I have never done so myself, I am aware that jam can be frozen, therefore I see no reason why marmalade can't also be frozen.I recall that because of its high sugar content jamdoes not freeze solid so it can be spooned out into a dish as required - I would expect that the same would apply with marmalade.

Hope that helps.:-))

kaddiew, Oct 17, 11:42pm
Thanks cookessentials, I should've done it that way to begin with. :)

245sam -I guess it's just a citrus 'jam' after all, so many thanks, will give freezing a go. :)

kaddiew, Oct 19, 3:17am
245sam -the marmalade froze just as you thought it would - nice and easy to scoop out as needed, and tastes great. Thanks :)

duckmoon, Jun 10, 7:40am
I have frozen apricot jam... so, I assume that marmalade would be OK too