Beetroot !!!

supanan4, Oct 15, 6:57pm
When I open a tin of Beetroot, and place it in my Tupperware container in the Fridge, then after a week or so it has worked (GONE OFF)so, how do you keep your beetroot please -

lilyfield, Oct 15, 7:17pm
add some vinegar

greerg, Oct 15, 8:37pm
Yes you would expect any cooked vegetable to go off after a week in the fridge with no preservative.Addd vinegar and you should be fine.

pickles7, Oct 15, 8:58pm
The vinegar is not as nice as it once was.
We had this problem last year, phoned up and made a complaint. We had been buying cans of beetroot for years, and all of a sudden the beetroot fermented in the fridge. NASTY.
I am back to cooking fresh beetroot and using my own home made malt vinegar.
I know that that vinegar, is naturally brewed, and is of the right acidity.. .

pickles7, Oct 15, 9:00pm
We don't even think about it going off any more, can be in the fridge for 2-3 weeks

motorbo, Oct 15, 11:16pm
gosh mine can be in there for a couple of weeks and be fine, not sure why yours goes off

maximus44, Jun 1, 5:54pm
I don't think the tinned beetroot has enough vinegar. I also make my own - much nicer. Haven't attempted the vinegar yet though.