Tasty Beef Roast Rub?!?

arp2, Oct 12, 9:25am
Hey chefs, does anyone have a favourite rub that they like to season their beef roasts with? i have purchased a rib roast and want to enhance the flavour,

mamaa, Oct 12, 9:58pm
Just slice a few cloves of garlic, and stuff in and also slice some fresh ginger (not too much) maybe 3 slices and also put in ...then about a tablespoon of oil over meat and rub in a bit of salt.Cook nice and slowly.Will be delicious.Then get a jar of horse raddish sauce.Delicous..roast beef done med rare my favourite.....

rema, Oct 13, 1:58am
Try whole grain mustard, garlic, soya sauce and oil, rub all over and roast - yummy

valentino, Oct 13, 2:03am
Check out the BBQ Beef Rotisserrie in the thread BBQ Recipes... Including...

There is a very nice and proven glaze that has been requested by others quite often when invited for BBQ, can easily be done for the oven, just turn the meat every so often.


floralsun, May 26, 11:13pm
Mix some wholegrain mustard with an equal amount of honey, and a tsp of vinegar - preferably a wine, cider or spiced vinegar.. and spread over the meat before roasting.