Can one of you great cooks help me please?

madison15, Oct 12, 6:44am
I just made the never fail sponge and you add a cup of sugar and 2 table spoons of water to a pot and boil it and then add it to the egg whites ....could you do the same for making a pav? also when making a pavlova do you use normal or fanbake in the oven ?

cookessentials, Oct 12, 7:53am
I have never made a pav as you describe above, You need to blend the caster sugar gradually with egg whites to get the volume and glossiness. I have used both fanbake and normal in regards to cooking pavlova. My pavlova recipe is on the thread for pavlova on this first page.

gardie, Oct 12, 8:12am
I have seen a recipe for meringues using sugar syrup.Not sure that its worth the extra hassle though cos normal meringues taste pretty good and are easier.

floralsun, May 27, 3:00am
I wouldn't use that method for a pav - our favourite pav is put everything in a bowl and beat for 15 minutes - makes a marshmallow type pav.

There's a cake frosting made with egg whites stiffly beaten, then while continuing beating, a sugar, gelatine and water syrup that's been simmered is slightly cooled then drizzled in a very fine stream into the egg whites as they continue to be whisked. It makes a great frosting that spreads easily and tastes wonderful - can be coloured easily too.