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fisher, Oct 12, 12:35am
cold, windy, showery weather yesterday urged me to make some ciabatta bread and then some yummy bacon bone soup... cleared up but still cool and windy so will go down well for a nice warming dinner...
Loads and lashings of butter on the bread... rosemary, sunflower and pumpkin seed, lightly crushed and added to the mix..cant wait..

mallee, Oct 12, 1:23am
Sounds pretty good to me, you are a clever girl!!! Enjoy.

lizab, Oct 12, 1:43am
psst... fisher is a boy ;)

lizab, Oct 12, 1:44am
got a rolled stuffed pork roast in my oven for our dinner tonight :) Was cold here too yesterday, so I did a steak and kidney casserole and a bread and butter pudding for dessert - went down a treat :)

charlieb2, Oct 12, 2:34am
Sounds yumo fisherman.. we could have done with that here yesterday.... No sure WHAT will be served to the menfolk tonight here..... but I'm going have a super deluxe salad.... yumo

valentino, Oct 12, 2:37am
Pretty near Snap Fisher....

Taken out a tub of Frozen Vege - Bacon soup done earlier this year.... for tonight plus a freshly baked bread and yes... Lashings of Butter on it..... Hmmmm, yeah, way to go...


fisher, Oct 12, 2:57am
Valentino... cant wait... sun is out but its still blowy.. roll on 6.00pm...
Lizab... did a roast pork belly over water with heaps of sage "injected" into it.. normal roast spuds, kumura, carrots, onions and pumpkin and peas mixed into in a sage and onion gravy... enjoy ya pork.. lots of cracklin...
Charlieb2... oks, what's in a super deluxe salad...??peas, pie and pud for the guys....lol:}

beaker59, Oct 12, 3:50am
Well I'm being taken out tonight by wife for my birthday to a new Thai resturant. I had crumbed some fish before finding out so just took it next door for my friends to enjoy instead they seemed very happy with the deal :)

nfh1, Oct 12, 4:35am
Chicken curry and rice here - when I finally stop watching Masterchef and get something done.

kirinesha, Oct 12, 4:59am
It's our 8th wedding anniversary today - fat little seared Scotch fillets on rosti (savoy cabbage rosti for me, potato rosti for him) with home made Béarnaise sauce and fresh chargrilled asparagus on the side.

And some wine. :)

mallee, Oct 12, 5:32am
Fisher is a boy??? Well I'm very impressed with your cooking skills fisher. Sorry I called you a girl. :-) :-) no offence meant.

uli, Oct 12, 6:16am
psst - beaker is a boy too and he makes sourdough bread if the fancy takes him ...

Congrats to kirinesha and beaker - may you have a great evening :)

nfh1, Oct 12, 7:23am
Aren't the best chefs men?

uli, Oct 12, 7:43am
Not any more :)

beaker59, Oct 12, 7:46am
Yes many of the best chefs are men but no one cooks as well as Mum EH!!!

Well that was a nice thai meal we had tonight very nice home early so the son can get to bed he has school tomorrow.

nfh1, Oct 12, 7:49am
Yes - why is that I wonder?Is it childhood memories, sort of like remembering all the boiling hot summers we had in Lancashire in the 1960s???

nfh1, Oct 12, 7:50am
I am sure there are just as many top female chefs around but I would struggle to name many, whereas the top males are easy!

nainmary, Oct 12, 7:57am
My favourite soup and I love ciabatta bread could I please have your recipe?If not too much trouble. TIA

esther-anne, Oct 12, 8:20am
Congratulations kirinesha on your 8th Anniversary-haven't 'talked' to you in a very long time.Your celebratory meal sounds delish - and of course one has to have wine??Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris perhaps??I know you are something of an afficionado around wines!!!

fisher, Oct 12, 9:14am

kirinesha, Oct 12, 9:25am
Thank you Esther-anne :) It's been ages since we talked. I saw your post in the Health & Beauty section about your daughter and started to reply several times but everything I had to say seemed to be too trite to express how shocked I was and upset for your and your family.

It would be lovely to have coffee in the near future - do you still have my email address?

floralsun, Oct 13, 3:36am
Home-made vege soup here tonight, made by Miss 20 - with veges from the garden, plus handmade bread she's just taken from the oven - a slice being buttered as I type! Gotta go have some.. byeeeeee.

esther-anne, Oct 13, 4:25am
I really appreciate appreciate your kind words kirinesha. We have been going through a very rough time.

I think I have found what I believe to be your business email address so I will drop you a line before too long.A meet up for a coffee would be lovely -these days I travel on the ferry and buses-no problem though.

And - dinner tonight for us is red and green peppers stuffed with mince, onion, mushrooms, a little rice and tomatoeswhich makes a delicious gravy and they will be served with neeps and green beans.

Still comfort food weather isn't it??

darlingmole, Oct 13, 4:43am
as for last night it was my Miss 4's birthday - meant to be fish'n'chips but turned into KFC (SOOO not my fav but she likes it), tonight it's a chili stew on rice, tomorrow will be what Fisher had last night ... bacon bone, lentil and vege soup (and I'm really looking forward to it because it's got a definate wintery feel around where I live still darn it!)

fisher, Oct 13, 5:11am
darlingmole... stink, cool, breezy weather here as well ... good ole mac cheese with bacon and onions , few fresh chives and a cup of soup from last nights left overs... should "warm the cockles"...