Question on Muffins!!

cherstu, Oct 11, 8:30pm
Hiya, can i use peach slices out of a can (drained and cut up) and put them in my muffin mix???? I dont have any berries to use and am hoping this will work.... Any ideas or advice TIA :)

cookessentials, Oct 11, 8:35pm
Yes, that will be fine, just drain them really well.

cherstu, Oct 11, 8:35pm
Thankyou :)

mybooks, Oct 12, 2:03am
If there's milk in the recipe, use the fruit juice in place of it, for extra flavour.

korbo, Oct 12, 8:36am
bought a walnut, apricot and bran mufin today, so cant see why you couldnt use chopped peaches. it was devine.

chevycoupe, May 26, 1:53am
yes I have used tinned anything in muffins replacing liquid with juice from the can.