Having a party

zak1998, Oct 11, 7:56pm
And am doing nibbles etc. Any good nibble ideas out there. Thanks

marree, Oct 11, 8:16pm
'Mezze' platter (olives, cheese, tomatoes, carrott / celery sticks, salami,etc - serve with some dips (including yoghurt dips with garlic, mint, lemon juice), different selections of bread including pita / lebanese, fruit kebabs - buy some wooden scewers (reasonably cheap) & put slices of what ever fruit is in season, 'devils on horseback' (prunes wrapped in bacon), curried eggs, scotch eggs, 'kofta' - like mince balls (but longer shape) on scewers & served with dipping sauce.There all sorts - just depends how many people & what your budget is.

ribzuba, Oct 11, 8:17pm
miniatures are always nice, like mini bagels, hamburgers etc

marree, Oct 11, 8:43pm
Yes definitely 'ribzuba' - minitures like tiny mini pizzas, bread cases with smoked fish filling (or whatever else), the list goes on!

cookessentials, Oct 11, 9:22pm
I have bumped up the parties/weddings/gatherings thread....heaps of ideas and recipes there.

marree, Oct 12, 12:32am
oki doki - all good- I will have a look myself later - just finishing some work.

duckmoon, May 24, 2:13pm
I do a cheese board and a vege board (sundried tomotes, dried fruit, dips, carmalised onions, vineleaves wrapping rice etc);

mini piklets with salmon and cream cheese

samosas with yoghurt dip (catering pack)

spring rolls with chilli sauce (catering pack)