How long can you keep

suferdog26, Oct 11, 9:45am
cooked rice? thanks

melford, Oct 11, 10:10am
Thereare many differing opinions on this but I say you shoukd use within 24 hours and reheat well. Never ever leave cooked rice at room temperature. To be quite safe I always freeze it and use as needed. It will keep 6 months in the freezer.

suferdog26, Oct 11, 10:32am
Many thanks melford

duckmoon, Oct 11, 11:00am
I will eat it after 24 hours (cooled, then promptly into the fridge). but have heard that cooked rice is one of those things which is reknown for food poisoning

uli, Oct 11, 8:00pm
I used to eat it up to a week after cooking. However it went into the fridge when still lukewarm and only came out for cooking into something like fried rice etc. Never stood around on the bench.
Never had food poisoning from it.

nauru, Oct 12, 1:56am
I wouldn't keep it for more than a couple of days in the fridge and make sure that you reheat it well. Like someone else said freeze it for longer storage.Better to be safe than sorry.

lilyfield, May 23, 8:03pm