Cake and Icing help - what cake with what icing?

michelle_09, Oct 10, 8:43pm
I am making a large square cake, and i want to ice it like 'optimus prime' from transformers for a friends 21st birthday...

Problem is that I am in Wellington and can not go due to a uni exam on the same day as the birthday (Saturday). The only way to get the cake my friends place is for it to go with her Aunty, who is heading up on thursday.

So, I want a large square cake that will keep for the 3 days, staying moist and tasty, that is NOT a fruit cake, and able to support the weight of the icing and not 'droop' as it has to last till the party day. And, what kind of icing would keep well too? I am not very good at using fondant to cover cakes. I am wanting to cover it with heaps of piped stars. Would a buttercream be ok?

Hope that makes sense, many thanks in advance :-)

tortenz, Oct 10, 9:59pm
Fondant would work well, but if you don't want to go there, buttercream would be fine.

Any cake would be fine with buttercream really... maybe keep away from any with fresh fruit (banana, etc).You could go with chocolate or chocolate mud.

If you cut it in half horizontally and ice the middle, that will keep it moister too.

michelle_09, Oct 10, 10:38pm
The buttercream will be ok for 3 days?

tortenz, Oct 11, 3:58am
I've eaten cake with buttercream icing after 3 days and it's fine.The only thing would be to keep it somewhere cool.