Nigella's Chocolate Xmas Cake

indy95, Oct 10, 3:56am
Bumped for clair4.

izant, Oct 10, 6:16am
Nikki25, I make Nigella's chocolate pavlova every is lovely! We go berry-picking on Christmas Eve and have a big bowl of boysenberries and strawberries to serve with the pav. We put raspberries on top of the pav, and use Whittakers chocolate in it, and grated on is a case of more is better lol!

rarogal, Nov 19, 8:43am
I got this recipe of here and made it last year and loved it - does it keep as well as a traditional Xmas Cake?I made it close to Xmas last time, but would like to make it earlier!

bernice1, Nov 19, 9:14am
Yes, made mine already.Made them beginning of November last year and they kept very well.

rarogal, Nov 19, 8:30pm
Thank you Bernice!!

tazzaboy2, Nov 20, 1:26am
I'm after a chocolate xmas cake..don't have nigella's recipe you mind posting it on this thread?

nauru, Nov 20, 2:08am
I would also be interested in this recipe, please post, thanks

nikki25, Aug 22, 1:49pm
i know this is not the Christmas cake,but im going to try this one out for this christmas Nigellas chocolate pavlova.