Grapefruit, any recipes ?

svce, Oct 9, 1:54am
Has anyone got recipes for grapefruit , apart from marmelade/ Thank you

harrislucinda, Oct 9, 4:17am
grapefruitspread 1 cup water1cupsugar1tlspbutter1/2tspgrated rind2tlbsp custard powder3/4cupjuice
putsugarbutterwaterrindin panbring to theboil then simmer5minmixcustardto apastewithjuicepourhotmixtureovercustardreturnto heatcook forafewminputintojars

auntlb, Oct 9, 4:22am
Using the recipe for lemon honey we replace lemons for grapefruit - delicious tart topping for pikelets and toasts etc

cgvl, May 17, 4:10pm
I often make custard and once cooked and some grapefruit/lemon/orange juice, this gives a nice tang without being sour or causing the milk to curdle