None sweetened yoghurt

sailor13, Oct 8, 4:02am
cake recipes using greek yoghurt

gardie, Oct 8, 4:07am
Any cake recipe calling for yoghurt could use non sweetened yoghurt - in fact, I would put that rather than sweetened stuff.Try popping yoghurt cake into the search boxes and see what comes up.

svce, Oct 9, 1:56am
I use greek yoghurt instead of normal yoghurt but also cream or sour cream . works wonders.

dbab, Oct 9, 3:02am
I just made Annabel Langbein's fresh cheese using plain yoghurt. It's very moreish.

laidybug, Oct 9, 4:32am
can i freeze spare natural yougurt? cheerz

marree, Oct 10, 9:06am
What are you wanting to make?I have alot of recipe books for sweet / savoury dishes using natural yoghurt.You can google, but if you have something special in mind, let me know & I will have a look at the books.

lynja, May 20, 5:58pm
i have frozen it and used in cakes. seems rather watery but works just fine